How long do press on nails last and how to make them last longer?

Press-on nails have become one of the popular beauty decorations nowadays. They can make your fingers more beautiful and attractive, but many people are concerned about their longevity. So, how long do press on nails last and how can you make them last longer?

The longevity of press on nails usually depends on several factors, such as the material used, personal care habits, and the level of daily activity. Usually, fake nails last between one week and two weeks. You can make them last longer if you pay attention to a few small details.

How long do press on nails last


First, preparation

1. File your nail bed

Using a file tool, just rough up the surface of your natural nails, which will increase the adhesion.

File your nail bed
2. Clean your nails

It is important to clean your fingers and nails before applying press-on nails. Use alcohol pads to clean your nail bed to remove grease and dirt from the surface, this will allow the false nails to adhere better to your fingers.

Clean your nails


3. Choosing the right press-ons

Choosing the right press on nails is key to maintaining their longevity. Generally a set of press on nails will come in a variety of sizes and you should choose a size that is the same or slightly larger than your own nail size. Fake nails that are too small or too large will cause them to fall off or peel off during use.

Fake nails


4.Trim press on nails

Trimming your press on nails will make them fit your fingers better. When you choose to wear press on nails, they may be longer than your own nails. Therefore, after putting on your wearable nails, use a nail trimmer to trim them to the desired length. This will ensure that they don't get in the way of your normal activities and make them more comfortable.

Trim press on nails


Second, proper wearing of press on nails

There are correct steps to follow when applying press on nails. First, the proper amount of glue should be applied to the back of the fake nail. Then, gently press the false nail onto the natural nail, making sure they are aligned, and push the false nail into the nail bed as far as possible and wait 10-20 seconds.

Trim press on nails


Third, apply nail polish

Applying nail polish can effectively extend the life of your press on nails. Apply a clear coat of nail polish daily, this will protect the surface of your press on  nails from daily wear and scratches to keep them bright and looking good.

 apply nail polish


Fourth, avoid water

Water is the enemy of press-on nails. Avoid washing your hands or doing anything involving water for at least 2 hours after wearing your fake nails. It's a good idea to wear gloves to protect your nails when doing chores or using chemicals.

Press-on nails


Fifth, be gentle

Press-on nails may look like they are made of steel, but they are actually very fragile. It is also important to protect false nails from impact or abrasion when dressing or performing other activities that require the use of your hands.

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