The press on nails styles you should try in summer

Summer is almost here again, which makes us very excited that this will be the season when we start to change.Whether you are a professional white-collar worker, a homemaker, a teacher, a doctor, a student, a party fanatic, etc., this is the time to reinvigorate yourself and have an exciting time in the progressively hotter weather.

For us at Bettycora, the truth is we want to get rid of our dull nails and explore vibrant colors to match the summer vibe. As fashionistas and divas, summer is the time for us to really shine.

Bright Colors Press on Nails
  • Bright Colors

Bright colors have always been a staple of summer pressed on nails, and this year is no exception. Colors such as lime green, electric blue and bold pinks are perfect for us to express ourselves boldly.

Neon colors press on nails

  • Neon Colors

Neon colors are back and brighter than ever! From neon green to neon pink, these bold shades are the perfect way to add some fun to your summer look. Try a neon statement nail or mix and match different neon shades for a playful and eye-catching look.

metallic press on nails

  • Metallics

If you're looking for a more sophisticated summer nail look, try metallic shades. From rose gold to silver, these shades add shine and sparkle to your nails. They're perfect for a night out or adding some glam to your everyday look.

rhinestones white French tips press on nails

  • Embellishments

Embellishments such as rhinestones, studs and pearls are still a popular choice for those who love a little extra sparkle on their nails. However, this summer we are seeing a shift towards more minimalistic embellishments, with a focus on small and subtle details.

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