1,How is Bettycora Nails different from other brands? 

-All our nails are non-toxic, pollution-free and cruelty-free.

- Bettycora Keep updating 30 new fashion trends Nails Everyweek

2,What's included in each press on nails set?

-24 pcs press on nails with 12 different sizes
-2 sheets (48 pcs) Adhesive tap
-1 manicure stick
-1 manicure file
-1 Prep pad


3, How to apply Bettycora nails?

Step1: Gently push the edges of the nails with the Manicure Stick to remove excess cutin. Then use a Prep pad to remove moisture and oil from the surface of the nails.

Step2: Choose the right nail size.

Step3: Paste the adhesive to the inside of the nail piece, remove the protective film.

Step4: Fit the nail piece and press for 15 seconds (Do not contact with water in 2 hours after finishing).

Step5: File the nail if necessary.


4,How do I remove my Bettycora nails?

Step1: Each set of Bettycora nails includes our nail removal tool!

Step2: To remove your Bettycora nails, soak your nails into warm water for several minutes to soften the glue bond.

Step3: Use a steel pusher or a small wooden stick to gently tilt out the gap between the nail bed and the fake nail.

Step4: Use a small wooden stick to gently pry open the entire fake nail.

Step5: Use a small wooden stick to gently roll up the adhesive tabs attached to the nail bed.


5,Will Bettycora Nails cause harm to my nails or overall health?

Bettycora Nails are certified by MSDS and SGS and will not harm your nails. Bettycora is the safest, healthiest, and most stylish manicure option available! Our product are free of toxins, chemicals and UV light.


6, Can I reuse / reapply my nails?

Bettycora Nails can stay on for 4-7 days or longer if you use adhesive tabs, what's more, there're 48 adhesive tabs in each set for you to replace when the Press-Ons fall off accidentally. And if you use glue, they can stay on about 2 weeks.

 However, the specific use time will be different according to the activity of each person. If you use your nails frequently for activities or work, medium or short nails may be more suitable.


7, Who designs the Bettycora nails?

Bettycora has the best nail designers and our pattern creative team.


8,Is Bettycora vegan and cruelty-free?

100% yes! We never have or will test our products on animals.


9,Can I use the nails when pregnancy/dermatitis and so on?

Not suggest. If you want to use please under the guidance of doctors.