Mermaid style press-on nails for this Summer!

Here are some suggestions for little mermaid themed press-on nails for summer:

• Ocean wave nails: Light blue press-on nails decorated with white ocean wave stickers or nail decals. The wave pattern captures the flowing and swirling feel of the sea that Ariel lives in.


•  Bubble nails: Clear or light pink press-on nails with raised round nail decals to look like bubbles. The bubble nail decals signify Ariel's underwater home.


• Mermaid tail nails: Turquoise blue press-on nails with iridescent scales used to create a mermaid tail pattern on some of the nails. A few accent nails with just the iridescent scales will complete the look. Very whimsical and magical like Ariel's shimmering tail.


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